Breed: Belgian/Paint  Age: 17 yrs  Color: Chestnut Pinto

Tonka has been part of the equine team at Chaps since 2011. Before becoming a therapy horse, Tonka lived with a lady who enjoyed riding him on trail rides and just having fun with him. He is a very special part of our therapy team and has many lessons to teach his clients.



Breed: Thoroughbred  Age: 15yrs  Color: Seal Brown

Starter came to live and work at Chaps in 2015. When he was much younger, Starter worked at Rawhide as a therapy horse as well. After leaving Rawhide, he became a trail horse. Starter is a Thoroughbred and loves to run! Starter loves his clients and enjoys helping them to learn about themselves

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Breed: Thoroughbred  Age: 17 yrs  Color: Chestnut

Reuben found Chaps in 2016. Reuben is an off the track Thoroughbred, which means he used to be a racehorse! He never made it into any races, but was trained as a racehorse and still has the spirit of one! Reuben gives his heart to his clients and does all he can to help them on their road to recovery.



Breed: American Quarter Horse Age: 10yrs Color: Bay

Hank became a therapy horse at Chaps in 2016. He lived only a few miles away from Chaps since he was just one year old! When he was very young, Hank participated in some halter shows but has not been trained to ride yet. Hank has found his stride at Chaps and loves being a therapy horse.



Breed: POA  Age: 17 yrs  Color: Blanket Spotted

Cisco joined the equine part of our team at Chaps in 2014. Cisco has very different coloring than the rest of our horses! He grew up on a farm that raised Appaloosa horses and learned to love people there. Cisco does his best to help his clients to learn something new every time they come to visit him



Breed: Mini Horse  Age: 13 yrs Color: Smokey Black Pinto

Hawk made his way to Chaps in 2015 after a long career as a show horse and breeding stallion. He has won several national awards at the national miniature horse show, and has several foals. Hawk lives with Hans and he enjoys his new career as a therapy horse.



Breed: Mini Horse  Age: 14 yrs  Color: Bay 

Hans and CHAPS came together in 2016. Hans is a rescued horse and had a bit of a rough start before landing here as a therapy horse. He is happy and healthy now, and loves his job! Hans loves to help his clients in their therapeutic journey.