Equine Staff

Morgan Maske

Equine Manager

Morgan is an equine professional who has been with Chaps since 2013. She endeavors to assist clients in understanding the horse’s role in their journey to health.
Morgan has over 15 years of equine experience, ranging from dressage training to therapeutic riding to EAP and EAL. She began working in equine therapeutic riding in 2004 and branched into equine assisted psychotherapy and learning in 2013. She believes that the horse brings an extremely unique element to the session and hopes to help clients get the most out of their equine sessions. Morgan has a deep passion for equine assisted psychotherapy and the power of the horse. In addition to managing the barn, she takes part in equine sessions by observing the horse and helping the client to discover what his message is.  
In her free time, Morgan enjoys riding and showing dressage with her horse, Tarzan, as well as spending time with her dogs, Titan and Chip, miniature horse, Dancer, and cats and goats. She also enjoys spending time in volunteer work.



Courtney Gillespie

Equine Specialist

Courtney was raised on a farm and has been involved with horses since the age of seven.  She began working for CHAPS in 2011. Courtney graduated from Horizon School of Veterinary Assisting in 2010 and she continues to learn more from horses every day.